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Frequently Asked Questions


MalariaWorld is a charitable projects. Your donation is used to increase open access to malaria information for your colleagues in malaria-endemic countries.

Nederlandse Malaria Stichting
City: Dodewaard; Country: The Netherlands
Bank: Rabobank; City: Tiel; Country: The Netherlands
Account #: 1588.32.094
IBAN 07RABO0158832094

Reference: MalariaWorld


MalariaWorld is a charitable project of the Dutch Malaria Foundation. Our newsletter and platform services are free of charge for all in need of it. Our charges for advertisement & donations are used to pay our dedicated staff.


“Advertising our meeting to the MalariaWorld subscribers was the most productive method of publicising the meeting when compared with leaflet mailing which we also carried out and selected journal advertising. In reality the MalariaWorld Newsletter route was virtually instantaneous in terms of responses and there was no comparison with our physical mailing - which often takes weeks and months to bear fruit. I will in future, as a first instance, always use MalariaWorld to publicise our future conference series events.” John Herriot, Meetings Management, Malaria Vaccines for the World, Conference Secretariat


Your announcement will be delivered right at the doorstep of the global malaria & health community. MalariaWorld has more than 6000 subscribers. This niche-marketing is the most effective way to reach your target group.


We can post a job vacancy or an event announcement at MW. It will be included in the MW weekly e-mail newsletter and be sent to all our subscribers. It also appears on the home page and in our job/event section and jobs/news flash. Furthermore we distribute your announcement through MalariaWorld Facebook and MalariaWorld twitter. Your message will reach 6000+ malaria professionals. For more information contact inga at

For a job or event anouncement on MalariaWorld we charge € 199,= (excl.) per announcement. An additional reminder of the same announcement is € 99,=.

We will post your announcement at, in the weekly MW newsletter and on MW Twitter and Facebook. Your announcement will reach more than 7000 malaria professionals world-wide. For more information on advertising at MalariaWorld contact inga at

If you never registered with MalariaWorld and don't have an account you can register for free at

If you registered before but forgot your username and/or password you can easily request a new password with your e-mail address that you use to receive the MW newsletter. Go to, click on Sign in and then on request new password. Fill in your email address that you use to receive the MW newsletter and fill in the Word verification. You will then receive further instructions by email.

For any further questions, send us a message at

If you do not know how to log-in or if you forgot your user name or password, send a message to and mention your problem. We will help you.

At the moment you can still access most of the site's content without being logged in, but that will change. 

It is essential to us that you register with the platform. This is because we need to show to donors the number of people that have signed up. Without it, we will simply not be able to continue this free service for you. In future, you will only be able to access certain parts of the site if you are logged in. Takes a few seconds and makes a big difference for us...

It seems not important to log in to the platform, as all content can be read without doing so. However, you can only write something or comment on what you read if you log in. Without logging in, the platform will remain a one-way stream of information, which is what we hope to avoid. 

Second, you cannot read comments people make without logging in.

If you log in for the first time, most browsers (explorer, google chrome, etc.) will give you the ability to save your log-in name and password. If you do this, you will not have to re-type your name and password every time you log in. Simple, safe, and easy.



No - you will never have to pay anything for the information displayed on this site, nor for anything (comments, blogs, etc.) that you post. Advertising (like job announcements) will be charged €200,= (excl.). Contact for more information.


Our newsletter mailinglist is run by an automatic program that monitors messages being sent out. If it notices that messages are persistently failing to get through to a particular e-mail address, it will eventually purge that address from the list. It does this to stop flooding the net with useless messages that bounce between machines.

However occassionally messages fail to get through for reasons related to network traffic or changes by local e-mail administrators. If this happens, it may trigger the programs purge routine. Therefore you may be dropped from the list even though you still want to receive MW. If you no longer receive MW, just send a message to and we'll put you back on the list.

You can find the archived weekly newsletters from 2007-2009 here.

At MalariaWorld we scan hundreds of electronic Tables of Content (e-tocs) every month, to deliver to you the best service possible. However, from time to time, an article may slip our attention, particularly if it is published in a journal that not normally has malaria-related content.


If this happens, contact us (see 'About us' page for email details) and we will immediately put your article in our database and publish it in the next newsletter.


Yes, that's why the platform exists in the first place. We invite you to write blogs (or articles, whatever you wish to call contributions). This can be done at no cost. If you wish to draw attention to your work, a particular study or project, or even want support from others to solve technical issues, etc., feel free to write.  


We encourage both newcomers in the field of malaria as well as long-term professionals, to write about malaria.

  1. First create an account at
  2. Log in and go to "Create content" (on the left)
  3. Click the first option "Blog entry'
  4. Fill in the title of the blog
  5. Under the 'Bodytext window, click switch to plain text editor
  6. Switch back to 'rich text editor'
  7. Your white lines between alineas have disappeared, you need to insert them again
  8. On top of the body text window you'll find the icons for 'bold', 'italics', 'numbers', 'buttons', and 'image'. Use these where necessary
  9. You can 'preview' your message
  10. Don't forget to 'save'

FAQ means Frequently Asked Questions. This part of the platform deals with common problems you may encounter.