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Malaria control through community participation is feasible. Malaria elimination not.

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Jim Jackson
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Malaria control through community participation is feasible. Malaria elimination not.

Any suggestions from the professional community? Control versus eliminitaion keeps governments busy...

Mark Benedict
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Software developers often insist that what users feel is a "bug" is a "feature!" Listening to most of the current discussion of malaria interventions, one would think that community participation is a feature of many technologies. For elimination, it is not. The complexities and inconsistencies of fine-grain approaches such as IRS, ITNs and drugs require comunity participation for effect, but one should make no mistake about it: this is a bug, not a feature.
Solomon K. Berhanie (not verified)
Elimination is possible in this ERA in Tropical Africa.
<p>I do n't know why few malariologists are becoming pesimistic about malaria elimination through community mobilization. Look what we achieved in Ethiopia. LLINs coupled with selective IRS and a world number one gametocyte clearing drug (ACT), Ethiopia achieved a rapid reduction in annual malaria cases burden by 45% over the recent years. Morethan ever, we are looking forward to eliminate malaria from the surface of Ethiopia. Remember in 1960's many European countries achieved malaria elimination following the advent of DDT. However, the biggest homework is community mobilization for widespread LLIN utilization and treatment seeking behaviour for fever. Yet we can get there as long as we work hard and committed. The fight with malaria could be feirce &nbsp;&nbsp;fierce &nbsp;and challenging, but we will get there. ACT is a huge opportunity for African countries - which have been economically and socially affected every single day. Our sprite should be stronger than ever now and we should belive that elimination is POSSIBLE!</p>
<P>We may only be able to control malaria no eradicate! Malaria has become an occupation and an economic activity</P>
Prosper Chaki
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I don't fully agree to that,
<p>I don't fully agree to that, in most cases it depends on how we (malariologists) view communities' role. To a large extent we have been treating communities as just mere recipients of interventions, however, there is quite a lot that communities can offer in the fight agaist this deadly disease more especially as we walk towards elimination in most endemic countries. Having worked with the communities over the past six years, has taught me that there is a lot of potential within communities that we often overlook, it is our fault that we do not know how to utilize this great resource to our advantage. Therefore while I partly agree achieving control is much easier with communities' participation, it might need a somewhat different stratergy of mobilising this potential resource to make elimination a reality for example revisiting community's role in disease monitoring and evaluation rather than just in implementing interventions.</p>