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Last week at MalariaWorld: Thank you!

December 18, 2014 - 18:14 -- Ingeborg van Schayk

On behalf of the entire MalariaWorld team I want to thank you for sending us your kind words and congratulations because of the 5th anniversary of MalariaWorld. It is very inspiring and heart-warming to read how you value MalariaWorld.

I would like to invite you to share with us how you benefit from MalariaWorld. Leave your comments at the bottom of the story behind MalariaWorld, our personal story. Please take a minute to let us know. Your reaction matters to us. We’d love to read how you value MalariaWorld!

Support MalariaWorld to provide Open Access to malaria information for all. We received questions about how you can make a contribution to MalariaWorld. Please visit our donate page at You can make a donation using either:
Credit card; PayPal; or Bank wire (indicate that the donation is for MalariaWorld). US donations of US$ 500 or more are tax deductible (this only counts for donations from America!) if made through our project page at CAF America. We will use your donation solely to further develop MalariaWorld. MalariaWorld is a project of the Dutch Malaria Foundation, a charitable, registered, not-for-profit organisation. If you still have any questions then just contact us at

More news…
This week MESA has posted a selection of ASTMH webcasts. Read more about the Sessions from ASTMH 2014 here.  EMBL has just announced the upcoming conference: BioMalPar XI: Biology and Pathology of the Malaria Parasite in Heidelberg, Germany. Read more about the EMBL BioMalPar conference here.
Rasha Azrag & Guy Reeves have contributed with yet another interesting column about dirty Anopheline habitats in Sudan. They wonder about the best control method of these polluted larval habitats in their story Anopheles arabiensis: from clean to dirty habitats?!. Rasha and Guy would appreciate your ideas and questions. Dee Walshe has shared some Open Access 
Cochranereviews which she thinks are of interest to you. Thank you Dee, that’s much appreciated. Last, there are new blogs from members that you may enjoy reading.

Enjoy this week's MalariaWorld - the MW team.


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Clive Shiff's picture
Submitted by Clive Shiff on

Bart, Inga and the Team: The success of MalariaWorld is really a product of your teamwork and your energy. It provides a real point of contact for all of us globally interested in malaria, so much so that the size and breadth of your membership and readership is the validation. You provide what we all need and that is a forum where one can express ideas and get more or less instant feedback, where we speak to our colleagues and our critics and listen and where real issues in the control of malaria are expressed and confronted. One can go on, but I want to keep this accolade brief. My heartiest congratulations! you have harnessed the web in a realistic manner to help all of us confront this horrific disease.

Clive Shiff