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1st Malaria World Congress: 1-5 July 2018, Australia

January 6, 2018 - 10:11 -- First Malaria W...

A major gap in the malaria response landscape is the absence of a forum where representatives of the entire malaria world can meet. Our key aim for the inaugural World Congress on Malaria is to unify and energise the broader malaria community around a common sense of purpose, including one that links malaria with the wider global health and human development goals of Universal Health Coverage and the Sustainable Development Goals. Together we can learn from each other, plan for the implementation of cross sector strategies and galvanise the effort for the eradication of malaria.

The conference sessions will feed into a final round table discussion leading to joint declarations by Global and Asia Pacific leaders committing to the goal of Malaria Elimination in our region by 2030 and a roadmap for steps and targets needed to achieve this.

Join us at this significant event to make malaria history.


Submitted by Sudhakar Morankar (not verified) on

We, at Jimma University, are working on Malaria for several years in Ethiopia. Although we had disseminated our results at various forums particularly in Africa. But there is a need to have holistic approach scientists coming together from the world and practitioners working on malaria. I am hopeful 1st Malaria World Congress will bring this in reality. Keep informed about the sessions and various programs to be organized and thought of.

I am ready to serve in any capacity particularly on Scientific Committee for Social Sciences and Behavioural aspects related to Malaria.

Elfatih Malik's picture
Submitted by Elfatih Malik on

I think the conference will be a chance for scientists and programme mangers to share their experience. Hopefully, countries with success stories find a chance to participate

Elfatih M Malik (MD)

DG, Planning and International Health Directorate

Federal Ministry of Health 


Submitted by Innocent Uzochu... (not verified) on

This is a great opportunity to share ideas on the successes and challenges of combating and eradicating malaria by researchers and program implementation partners.

Being one of the health challenges facing our people in Nigeria, my team and I at the Medical Parasitology Unit, Department of Biochemistry, University of Nigeria, Nsukka have been screening locally available plants with antimalarial effects and how to isolate their active ingredients for drug formulation.

We hope to share our experiences at the congress.

Submitted by Hugo Bugoro (not verified) on

Really this is an opportunity for countries aiming to eliminate malaria in the nearest future to participate and share experiences of their current challenges and successes; and to learn form each other.

Ahmad Mahdavi's picture
Submitted by Ahmad Mahdavi on

I am a senior insect toxicologist, member of the Coalition for alternatives to DDT (Biovision) need your support to participate and talk.

Ahmad Mahdavi, Professor Emeritus at University of Tehran, PhD, insect/ pesticides/ environmental regulatory toxicologist, University of Tehran/ and Sustainable agriculture and environment. P. O. Box: 19615-544, Tehran, IRAN.