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1st Malaria World Congress: Not just another science meeting...

May 24, 2018 - 16:35 -- First Malaria W...

By integrating the many different facets that make up the response to the scourge of malaria in the one meeting, the 1st Malaria World Congress is utterly unique. Yes, MWC 2018 will feature the latest science, but it will be delivered within the context of the problems in implementing the best tools we have, the difficulties of financing them, and the cultural context of the many communities across the globe that are devastatingly impacted by malaria.

A truly multi-sector approach putting a strong focus on collaboration, this landmark malaria congress integrates; discovery science with frontline, public health initiatives, policy and governance, private sector, partnerships and affected communities with the ultimate aim being a unified response to elimination and eradication.

For the first time, MWC 2018 offers delegates a blend of medical research, public health implementation, leadership and community thematic approaches focused on elimination and eradication of malaria. It will be a meeting like nothing before.

There's still time to register, join us from 1-5th July 2018 in Melbourne, Australia and be part of the engaged voices as we aim towards a Roadmap for the Future.