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African Malaria Coalition Quarterly Meeting January 27, 2013

December 23, 2012 - 14:18 -- William Jobin

Water, Engineers and Malaria..............
An informal meeting of the African Malaria Coalition will be held at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The coalition meets quarterly to hold informal conversations over lunch, and includes faculty, students and other scientists from the East Coast of the USA. Our meetings are all convenient to Amtrak and other public transportation. Our host for the January meeting is Prof. Fatih el Tahir of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, an authority on the Nile River and climatology of Africa. We will hear short talks by a number of people focussing on malaria control in Africa, including Prof. James Webb of Colby College who will tell us about his new book on the History of Malaria Control in Africa. There will also be student presentations from Prof. Fatih's several doctoral candidates who are studying the relation of water to tropical fevers. It is expected that undergraduates from MIT will also attend, as part of their January Independent Activities Program................. The meeting will start at 9:30 am on Sunday 27 January in Room 48-316 of the MIT Water Resources Lab on Vassar and Main Streets in Kendall Square, near the subway station. There is no charge but attendees will be responsible for their own transport and lodging. If you notify us in advance, we will give you information on nearby and affordable places to stay...............
Bill Jobin, Coordinator for the African Malaria Coalition..........
970 560 1182


Submitted by Burton Singer on


I just read your comment on how to foster an effective malaria program at
WHO. This is, of course, right on target. Hopefully, someone at WHO will act
on your recommendations.



Burton Singer
Emerging Pathogens institute
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