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African Malaria Dialogue features 2013 Jerusalem Declaration

June 23, 2014 - 11:36 -- William Jobin

African Malaria Dialogue features 2013 Jerusalem Declaration about fighting Malaria in Africa

Dialogue on 18 June 2014

Our usual informal luncheon turned out even better than expected. We met in the outer courtyard of the restaurant ‘Au Bon Pain’ in Harvard Square of Cambridge, Massachusetts, on a beautiful summer day.

Our African Malaria Dialogues began 3 years ago in Manhattan, NY. Since then we have had luncheons quarterly at various locations on the East Coast of the USA, including African students and faculty from several universities, as well as other interested persons. We are very informally organized, everyone brings their own lunch, a report on their latest passion on malaria in Africa, and provides their own transportation and lodging. We have no organization, just meet for dialogue. It is an unusual and valuable chance for people of many disciplines to share our concern for fighting malaria in Africa.

Everyone is welcome. Please let me know by email if you are interested in attending. I am at

This time, a report was given on the Jerusalem Declaration on Malaria developed last December, which recommended addition of anti-larval measures to the current strategy of RBM and the US PMI. In the Declaration it was proposed that pilot studies be developed in Tanzania and Gabon, to show the advantage of adding these measures to the current strategy. Copies of the final Declaration, complete with the list of 22 signatories from 9 countries, were given to the attendees at the luncheon.

Other topics covered in the Dialogue were aspects of Derek Willis' doctoral thesis from the School of Public Health of Columbia University in New York City, on historical patterns of malaria control and impacts, in a global framework. Tony Kiszewski, entomologist of Bentley University gave Derek some leads on additional data sources. Derek will be finishing his doctoral program in a few months and is exploring his future possibilities, and made contacts at Harvard University after the Dialogue. Derek also suggested we should invite Justin Cohen of the Clinton Foundation to our next Dialogue, especially if it is held in the New York area.

Tony Kiszewski gave us a rundown on his current interests in personal mosquito repellents, and his development of plans to evaluate them on a large scale in Ghana and in Ethiopia. He just returned from Ethiopia where he worked with Noriko Endo on her field studies of water level fluctuations for mosquito control around Koko reservoir. He also informed us that Richard Pollack is now working permanently as an entomologist with Harvard University.

Teresa Yamana is finishing her doctoral program under Prof. Fatih el Tahir at MIT and hopes to have it completed by end of year. Teresa has evaluated and developed computer simulations for predicting impact of climate change on malaria in Africa, based on field experiences in West Africa and recent advances developed for the el Tahir group.

Bill Jobin
African Malaria Dialogues