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Call for preliminary scientific data for “high risk” project proposals?

May 3, 2013 - 09:30 -- Sombroek HLI

Why not let MalariaWorld play a vital role in supporting ground breaking studies that often lack the preliminary ecological field data, required by traditional funders?
We, as dedicated scientists, can assemble a global bank of preliminary scientific field data for “high risk” project proposals to open new directions within malaria research. In doing so, young scientists are able to test creative ideas ahead of time and more experienced scientists are able to explore unexpected and promising observations or discoveries.
It could be organized by inviting members to submit their research questions at MalariaWorld online, including a short concept note and a simple standard procedure describing how other members can obtain the required data in the field. If the concept note raises interest and statistically enough data have been assembled from the various members, the results could be presented online. In case of promising results, interested members could be invited to look into the proposal and support the project.
This procedure, using combined efforts and social media, would make it possible for high-risk projects to be explored with low cost. The role of chance, or luck, in science will be taken into account accelerating the process of scientific discoveries that we so desperately need.