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Call for proposals: Wellcome Healthcare Innovator Awards

May 6, 2021 - 09:37 -- Malaria World


Innovator Awards are open to researchers who are developing healthcare innovations that could have a major and measurable impact on human health. Individuals and teams from not-for-profit organisations can apply. Organisations can be based anywhere in the world (apart from mainland China). Funded organisations must sign up to the Wellcome grant conditions. You can work in any scientific discipline, including a discipline outside life sciences.

You can work on any type of technology. Examples of technologies include:

  • therapeutics (small molecules or biologics)
  • vaccines
  • devices
  • diagnostics
  • digital technologies
  • regenerative medicine.

The work that you propose must be essential for developing your healthcare innovation.

We particularly encourage proposals from multidisciplinary collaborations within or between organisations. These collaborations do not need to include life sciences researchers.

In your proposal, you should describe:

  • the global burden of the disease or condition that you want to address
  • the unmet healthcare need
  • the patient population that you want to reach and the impact that your healthcare innovation could have on their health
  • why your healthcare innovation will be significantly better than anything that’s already available or being developed
  • the evidence, such as your proof of concept or early validation of your project
  • what you will do with our funding (e.g. key experiments and project deliverables) to move your project on to the next stage of development
  • your team's expertise and the resources available to you
  • your long-term aims beyond this award.

Deadline for applications: May 24, 2021

Read more about the requirements and how to apply