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Can P. vivax sporozoites having the same genotype be both tachysporozoites and bradysporozoites?

December 2, 2021 - 01:13 -- Miles Markus

Lysenko et al.’s hypothetical P. vivax tachysporozoites [1] multiply in the liver soon after inoculation into the host, whereas their hypothetical bradysporozoites form hypnozoites [1], which are the origin of relapses. This "tachy" and "brady" terminology is an extension of usage unrelated to malaria [2].

For a homologous P. vivax malarial recurrence to be a relapse means that firstly, a tachysporozoite(s) will have had to initiate what became a patent infection. But it also means that a sister sporozoite(s) with basically the same genotype must have been, simultaneously, a bradysporozoite(s). This is how hypnozoite-derived recurrent parasites in the bloodstream could in theory come to be genotypically similar to those from an earlier time point [3].

However, do different sporozoites having the same genotype in fact act inconsistently by functioning as either tachysporozoites or bradysporozoites [3]? Perhaps they do.

If not, then numerous (more than meets the eye) non-reinfection homologous recurrences of P. vivax malaria will obviously be recrudescences (clonal merozoite origin), not relapses [4].

Future research involving plasmodial sporozoites [5] will hopefully contribute to providing the answer to the question posed in the title of this blog.



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