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CLOSED: Job: Sanaria Physician Investigator (Research Physician) Equatorial Guinea Malaria Vaccine Initiative (Stage 2-3)

January 5, 2018 - 10:55 -- MalariaWorld Jobs

Organisation: Sanaria
Job Title:  Research Physician
Department:  Clinical
Reports to:  Chief Medical Officer

Position Purpose

A research physician is required to support Equatorial Guinea Malaria Vaccine Initiative (EGMVI) Phase III and Phase IV activities on site in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, for a minimum of one year, and preferably at least 3 years.  The physician must be fully bilingual (written and spoken Spanish and English) and experienced in clinical research / field epidemiology.  S/he will be the local Sanaria project director, interact closely with onsite collaborators, partners and contractors, serve as principal or co-principal investigator on Sanaria-sponsored clinical trials and assure that Sanaria’s project objectives are met.  Possible periodic visits to other sites in Africa where Sanaria is sponsoring research trials, to represent Sanaria’s interests in similar fashion, will be an additional responsibility. S/he will maintain frequent and comprehensive communication links with Sanaria clinical personnel and report to Sanaria’s Chief Medical Officer.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Represent Sanaria’s interests in Equatorial Guinea, and other sponsored clinical sites in Africa as assigned, including the communication of Sanaria’s objectives, plans and progress.
  • Liaise with EGMVI collaborators including investigators and staff from the Ifakara Health Institute (IHI), the Equatorial Guinea Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Medical Care Development International (MCDI), Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH), Marathon Oil and other funders, and other institutions who may interface with the project, and with other Sanaria staff on and off site, to promote and accomplish Sanaria’s objectives.
  • Serve as principal investigator (or co-principal investigator, alongside an African co-principal investigator) on Sanaria-sponsored clinical trials in Equatorial Guinea, including trials of PfSPZ Vaccine and other Sanaria products under US FDA oversight.
  • As PI, or co-PI, lead an Equatorial Guinea-based international clinical research team in the execution of these clinical trials.   
  • Work independently or with the co-PI to assure adherence to Good Clinical Practices in all clinical research activities by study personnel, with an emphasis on research volunteer safety.
  • Work independently or with the co-PI to assure the integrity of all clinical data, including review of volunteer charts, promoting processes to validate data accuracy and correct entry into the database, and generating corrective action / preventative action (CAPA) plans to correct process shortcomings.
  • Carry out additional work plans / project activities as tasked, and maintain project timelines.
  • Support the generation, review and finalization of critical documents, including clinical protocols, consent forms, clinical trial agreements, material transfer agreements, monitoring plans, data management plans, statistical analysis plans, quality manuals, manuals of procedures, data reviews, safety reports, datacall, etc., in some cases serving as primary author.
  • Serve as mentor and instructor for clinical trial staff, in particular Equatoguinean staff.
  • Communicate regularly and frequently with Sanaria clinical staff (and other staff as appropriate).
  • Support visiting Sanaria personnel and, as tasked, other personnel.
  • Serve an ambassadorial function, promoting excellent collaborative relationships with partners and host nationals.
  • Fulfill similar duties (1-12) at other clinical sites sponsored by Sanaria, as tasked.
  • Participate in Sanaria teleconferences to support Sanaria activities.
  • Attend meetings of the International PfSPZ Consortium and other meetings, as tasked.
  • Perform other reasonable duties assigned by management.

Additional Duties and Responsibilities

  • Promote the professional development of any co-located Sanaria staff.
  • Promote the professional development of host national and collaborating colleagues as opportunities arise.
  • Serve oral translational duties as needed.
  • Review Spanish version documents for correct translation as needed.
  • Participate in local progress review and evaluation and suggest appropriate mid-course corrections / revisions of plans to improve project execution efficiency and success.
  • Author scientific abstracts and reports and deliver oral and poster presentations, describing Sanaria’s and consortium members’ research accomplishments to the malaria vaccine development community and other appropriate arenas (meetings, symposia, workshops, publications, consultations, press releases), and obtain review from supervisor prior to submission.


Knowledge and Abilities (required)

  • Excellent understanding of Sanaria’s mission, objectives and values
  • Excellent clinical skills
  • Excellent communication / ambassadorial skills
  • Extensive knowledge of malaria biology / epidemiology
  • Extensive knowledge of the diagnosis and treatment of clinical malaria including severe and complicated malaria

Education, Work Experience and/or Licensure

  • Required: Doctor of Medicine degree and post-graduate medical training
  • Required: Licensure to practice medicine in home country
  • Required: At least five years clinical research / field epidemiology, ideally in the setting of international partnerships; preferred: at least ten years experience
  • Required: Good clinical practices certification
  • Required: Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification
  • Preferred: Pediatric Advanced Life Support certification
  • Preferred: A related degree (e.g., Masters in Public Health)

Language Skills

  • Required: Excellent written and spoken English (must submit genuine examples of written work prior to employment)
  • Required: Excellent written and spoken Spanish (must submit genuine examples of written work prior to employment)
  • Preferred: Ability to speak French

Additional Skills

  • Mission focus
  • High professional standards for clinical trial execution, monitoring and reporting
  • Flexible thinking in response to complex data, ambiguity and criticism
  • Ability to identify innovative pathways to achieve objectives
  • Solid judgment, reasoning and planning
  • Participative leadership, communicating frequently and seamlessly with collaborators and with Sanaria staff
  • Credible, convincing and inoffensive communication (written, verbal); ability to inspire others
  • Balanced self-assurance and open-mindedness
  • Good listening skills, patience, and composure

Physical Demands

The position intrinsically requires the ability to travel nationally and internationally in unaccompanied fashion.  It requires sufficient mobility and fortitude to conduct clinical research, which involves long hours, circulating among clinical sites and areas within clinical sites, negotiating local facilities where elevators / ramps may not be available and unsafe constructions may be present and needing to be identified and avoided, visiting local communities by going door to door, and sometimes missing or delaying meals / losing sleep in order to meet clinical schedules and assure volunteer safety.  The abilities to sit, stand, walk, travel up and down stairs, crouch, stoop, reach and lift up to 50 pounds are required.  Long periods lasting up to several hours without sitting or resting may be required.

Work Environment

The incumbent will be housed in Equatorial Guinea and provided transportation and security according to the standards of our administrative partner Medical Care Development International (MCDI).  MCDI maintains American and other foreign national staff full time in Malabo with security and health established as high priorities.  Quality office space will be provided that is co-located with colleagues and collaborators to assure a congenial professional environment.  Environmental hazards include potential exposure to human blood and to local disease hazards including identified and unidentified transmissible agents.  Living in Equatorial Guinea may involve capricious events including police stops, local disturbances, inclement weather and travel hazards.

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Sanaria provides employees a generous employee benefits package including health insurance, life and disability insurance and a 401k plan with company match.

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