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A cry for help!

September 29, 2021 - 18:59 -- Ingeborg van Schayk


Today you will not receive a regular MalariaWorld Newsletter. Why? Because I would like to ask your attention for an urgent matter.

We have to build a new MalariaWorld platform because the current platform is 12 years old and it won’t last forever. We need € 20.000 to make this happen. I am convinced that with your help we can. That's why I need to ask you for a generous donation.

So many times, we have had discussions about ‘should or shouldn’t we ask for a subscription fee for MalariaWorld’. And every time we said that asking you for a yearly subscription fee is against our dream to avail malaria information free of charge to all in need of it. I truly wish that we can continue doing so. On the other hand, it is the bitter truth that we are making costs to maintain MalariaWorld and that we have to pay the people who make it possible that we provide our free services to you. So, if you can then help us now.

You can always count on us, I hope we can count on you now.

Click "Yes I support MalariaWorld" to make a donation (credit card, debit card, direct debit, ideal, paypal). If you prefer to pay by bank transfer you need to scroll down to the bottom where you'll find all the information needed.


A very big Thank You!

We''ll send the regular MalariaWorld newsletter in a few days so you don't have to miss anything.


Founder & Senior Editor MalariaWorld
Director Dutch Malaria Foundation


MalariaWorld, the story

Twelve years ago Bart and myself started MalariaWorld. We had the platform built with our own pocket money. Crazy? Maybe, a little bit. But we firmly believed that everybody working on malaria should have free access to malaria information. It should not matter, where you're from, how much money you have, or how experienced you are. If you need malaria information for your work then you should get it. For free and without having to spend hours and hours to look for it. We personally invested in this idea and MalariaWorld was born. We had the official launch of MalariaWorld at the MIM conference in Nairobi, Kenya in 2009.

Now 12 years later, the platform has grown so much, we are serving 11.033 malaria professionals from 140 countries. We are very proud of this. But as time passes our system has grown older. Just as you need a new computer or a new telephone every once in a while, because they don't last forever, our system is getting 'full' and 'old'. So now, after 12 years of serving the global professional malaria community, we need a new MalariaWorld platform. We need this to serve you well, store all our data safely, and keep up with the demands of current technologies. The sponsorship we receive is to keep our team in Kenya going, but we do a vast amount of work free of charge, 24-7, also during our holidays. And we don't mind. But we need your support now to help us getting the budget of € 20.000 together to build a new MalariaWorld platform.

Please help us if you can. It would be a great reward for all our hard work and it will give us a boost for the years to come. Supporting MalariaWorld now means that you and the entire malaria community can enjoy MalariaWorld at least for another 10 years.

We will use the donations we receive entirely to build the new MalariaWorld platform. That’s a promise. Click on the link below to go directly to our donation page (credit card, debit card, direct debit, ideal, paypal) or make a direct bank transfer with the information below.



Dutch Malaria Foundation

MalariaWorld is a project of the Dutch Malaria Foundation (Nederlandse Malaria Stichting). Your donation takes place via the Geef platform. Geef charges (transaction) costs. You get the option to cover the (transaction) costs so that the Nederlandse Malaria Stichting will receive 100% of your donation.

If you prefer to make a direct bank transfer to MalariaWorld, please use the details below and use MalariaWorld as reference.

Bank transfer details

Name of Organisation: Nederlandse Malaria Stichting
City: Dodewaard
Country: The Netherlands
Reference: MalariaWorld

Bank: Rabobank
Address: Hoogeindsestraat 32, 4101 AB Tiel
Country: The Netherlands
IBAN NL07 RABO 0158832094