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Female Anopheles Trap

February 25, 2010 - 14:00 -- Rajas Sirvoicar

This trap was developed due to a compulsion to solve the mosquito nuisance after dusk at my friends factory. The factory manufacturing concrete additives was not able to work 3 shifts in spite of heavy orders. This was due to the mosquito menace around the factory after dusk. The trap successfully solved the problem.It traps the female anopheles mosquitoes by simulating human presence. In the last 6 months the device was installed on trial at a few clubs with impressive results. I am keen to to make this technology work for mankind where it is more a matter of life and death. I have attached a picture of the device for your review and comments.

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Submitted by Remco Suer on

Dear Rajas,

As a scientist working for more than three years now on finding odours that can be used to alter the behaviour of specifically Anopheles gambiae s.s., I am very curious to hear what the bait is that you are using to lure the mosquitoes to your trap.

But first of all: Thanks for sharing this story and this nice trapping device with us. I think these kind of stories can be of much help also to the scientific community. Often our vision gets blurred by looking at small facts and known pieces of information. And sometimes these kind of stories can help trigger someones mind into thinking differently. And by doing that we sometimes take a giant leap towards a solution instead of the usual small steps.

I do have the annoying habit of wanting to know all little details so forgive me for these questions. But you mention: "It traps the female anopheles mosquitoes by simulating human presence." So I wanted to ask you:
How sure are you that it traps Anopheles mosquitoes?
Does it also trap males?
How does the trap work? I do not see a power source on the picture, is that true?.
And off course how did you simulate a human presence?

Thanks again for your post I hope this will create a nice discussion. Because a good functional trap suitable for for example rural Africa is still lacking. Every trap as far as I know still needs either a power source or a large bottle of CO2. Both of which are not commonly available.

Remco Suer