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High return on investments in malaria suppression

April 27, 2018 - 13:11 -- William Jobin

Recently I published "Increased economic productivity after suppressing malaria transmission in 14 African countries" in the ejournal African Policy Journal, 2014 v9 Apr. This is a new journal run by students at Harvard Graduate School of Govt, and does not get picked up by the normal search engines, so I urge you to go to their website at African Policy Journal for their current articles. My analysis of data from several years of malaria control by the US PMI and from World Bank data on economic productivity, showed that there was an economic return over 6 to 1 on investments in malaria suppression, especially in countries whose economies are based on agriculture, such as many East African countries. Note that this rate of return on investment qualifies malaria suppression as a leading candidate for investment, under any criteria.
William Jobin Director of Blue Nile Associates