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ISRAEL JACOB KLIGLER: The story of "a little big man”

April 24, 2014 - 15:02 -- J20 Jerusalem Conf
A Giant in the Field of Public Health in Palestine, by ZALMAN GREENBERG* and ANTON ALEXANDER**
Israel Jacob Kligler was born on the 24th of April in the town of Kopychyntsi, then Galicia, today Ukraine. 

There is some uncertainty as to the correct year of his birth; it was either 1888 or 1889. A Polish birth certificate issued in 1913 gave the year as 1888, yet in 1947, after his death, his family inscribed a memorial stone in Lehavot ha-Bashan with his date of birth as April 26, 1889!
Israel Kligler was the third child of Aaron Kligler and his wife Fruma, who died before Israel’s 8th birthday, and Aaron subsequently married Sara. In 1900, Aaron immigrated to the USA.
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Submitted by lennie kligler (not verified) on

my name is lennard jack kligler...the great nephew of i. j. middle name was given to me from is my honor to say how proud i am that his contribution was so valuable in the cause of eliminating such a deadly desease.