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Jerusalem declaration on malaria elimination in Africa: Conference report

July 24, 2014 - 21:39 -- J20 Jerusalem Conf

Following publication of the Jerusalem declaration on malaria elimination in Africa that was published on MalariaWorld earlier this year (click here), we are now publishing the full conference report (see attachment).

The conference report titled: "Revisiting malaria: Moving from control to sustainable elimination" follows the meeting that was held at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel, between 8-12 December 2013. The following articles can be found in the report:

Malaria: "There is no such thing as partial success. It is either glorious success or dismal failure" - Bart GJ Knols

Malaria: Back to the future - Sanford F Kuvin

Conference report - Maureen Malowany

Workshop sessions: Gabon, Pemba island.

The Jerusalem Declaration.

Press Links.

Statements in the declaration that aroused debate.

On behalf of the conference organisors, the sponsors, and delegates that signed the declaration, we trust that this declaration will stimulate debate amongst malaria professionals and policy makers alike, in the hope that it will lead to progression towards our definite one goal we have in common: global eradication of malaria.

We welcome your views directly under this entry.

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