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Job: Post-doctoral position - Studying the effect of airflow conditions of in-flight host searching of malaria mosquitoes

April 19, 2021 - 12:35 -- MalariaWorld Jobs


We are looking for a highly motivated and skilled post-doctoral researcher to study how environmental airflow conditions (wind speed/turbulence) affect host-searching in flying malaria mosquitoes. Based on this research, the candidate will then develop mosquito control strategies and systems to help fight the spread of malaria.

This highly-interdisciplinary project requires knowledge in the fields of medical entomology, biomechanics, motion planning and fluid-mechanics. Therefore, the post-doctoral researcher will work in a multidisciplinary research consortium with experts in these fields: fluid-mechanics (Fluids & Flows Group, Physics Department, TU Eindhoven), medical entomology (Laboratory of Entomology, Wageningen University), biomechanics (Experimental Zoology Group, Wageningen University), and motion planning (Geometric Computing Group, Utrecht University). Within this consortium, the postdoc will coordinate the project, and perform the majority of experimental and modelling work. You will be employed by the Experimental Zoology Group at Wageningen University, but we expect that you will perform part of the work in the labs of the other consortium members.

For more details about the position, feel free to contact me ( or have a look at this page from the Wageningen University & Research.