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Malaria elimination needs a higher profile, a greater sense of urgency. Why shouldn't malaria professionals try to take charge?

September 28, 2015 - 17:30 -- Anton Alexander

Countries known to have ebola are avoided by tourists because people die of it, and recently this disease has been given much media attention.
There tends to be a fatalism about malaria by tourists still visiting countries where it is known, although hundreds of thousands more people die of malaria than ebola. The media repeatedly give an impression of breakthroughs in the fight against malaria, suggesting it is less deadly than ebola, but rarely say malaria can kill or debilitate a person. The media are also unlikely to say no drug or vaccine currently available gives complete protection against malaria. They never confirm bed-nets can only protect against mosquitoes and do not control or eliminate malaria.
Professionals in this field will not endear themselves to the tourist industry if they regularly put out the above message. If they do, however, it may concentrate the minds of governments and funders, who may then seek out successful ways to eliminate malaria (including older methods which have been shown to work but are often ignored or overlooked), and this could save lives.
It would help if you published the map below, showing what is possible and what has been achieved in the past.