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Malaria Journal launches new thematic series on World Malaria Day

April 26, 2015 - 15:06 -- Ingeborg van Schayk

Re-imagining malaria – a platform for essential reflections to widen horizons in malaria control
Edited by: Dr. Julian Eckl, Dr. Susanna Hausmann Muela

Ongoing discussions that take stock of social and societal determinants of health present an opportunity for productive dialogue on why current approaches to malaria control and elimination need to be broadened, and how this may be accomplished. They invite us, for example, to look beyond malaria as a disease, to appreciate the experiences of malaria-afflicted populations, to transcend techno-centric approaches, to investigate social conflicts around malaria, to give voice to the communities engaged in bottom-up approaches, and to revisit lessons learned in the past. The launch of the thematic series on re-imagining malaria creates a forum that has the goal to encourage transdisciplinary thinking, to stimulate discussion, to promote constructive criticism, and to gather overlooked experiences that help to reflect on implicit assumptions. Overall it aims at widening horizons in malaria control.

Image Credit: Swiss Malaria Group / Stuart Matthews
Collection published: 24 April 2015

Visit the Malaria Journal Thematic Series here.