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MalariaWorld Winner of Social Media Award Malaria Heroes

November 17, 2015 - 05:53 -- Ingeborg van Schayk
We are very proud and grateful that MalariaWorld has won the Social Media Malaria Heroes award in the category People’s choice for best communications.
The award for the category People’s Choice for Best Communications recognizes outstanding social media communications that effectively promote and showcase the global fight against malaria.
We are honoured with this reward. It shows that MalariaWorld is effective in reaching those who are professionally concerned with malaria prevention, treatment and control.

We would like to thank Inis Communication and all partners who facilitated the Social Media Awards 2015: APLMA, ISGlobal, MMV, MalariaNoMore, UNDP. And a special thank you to RBM as special partner for the People’s Choice for Best Social Communications category.
Coming up soon…
We will use this recognition to launch a new MalariaWorld service: Who fights malaria. This will be a new MalariaWorld section that provides the opportunity to your organisation, business, research group, alliance etc. to communicate what you are doing to fight malaria. Share your mission, successes, publications, news, etc. with the entire MalariaWorld Community. Want to know more? Contact us at
Thank you for voting and for so many kind words.
The MalariaWorld team