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MIM2013 - Pre-conference Workshop: Career Opportunities for African Malaria Researchers

August 2, 2013 - 16:28 -- MalariaWorld Events
EVIMalaR Workshop: Career Opportunities for African Malaria Researchers
Location: Durban Convention Centre, Durban, South Africa
Date: Sunday 6th October 2013
To have a debate on how best to increase research positions/research funding for high quality malaria research at African institutions by African Scientists.
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Although there are plenty of African scientists with bright minds and great potential, African malaria research has lagged behind for at least two major reasons:
Lack of career opportunities. How can we increase the number of attractive research positions and improve research funding at African research institutions/universities?
Undeveloped research. How can we develop/improve the research culture in African universities?
Target stakeholders
  1. African malaria scientists and their colleagues from developed countries
  2. Funders supporting malaria research at African institutions
  3. Representatives from African governments
A debate between two pre-selected groups of 5 (each, proposers vs. opposers), and on prescribed statements (i.e. they will need to be prepared as they will also answer questions from the floor). However, the moderator will bring the key points together into a summary at the end (there will secretarial help).
Time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Debate issues
  • Because the funding for malaria research is poor in most African countries (in fact non-existent in most), it is very difficult for African scientists to have a successful career on the continent. Thus, we should encourage African malaria scientists to move to western capitals and the Middle East from where they are paid and funded better to do their research.
  • Western funders do not need to create special funding streams/schemes for African scientists (their responsibility is to their citizens – or to high-quality research independent of geographical or similar constraints), as this will maintain a culture of dependence. African scientists should either agitate for their governments to increase funding/positions, or give up for alternative careers.
  • African research institutions and universities have the right attitudes; have the right accountability channels and culture to do the best research. Their only draw back is poor funding. Otherwise, they would be centers of research excellence.
  • Research using material from Africa should be performed in Africa and in exceptional circumstances should it be released outside the country/ region.  This will encourage the transfer of research skills to Africa.
  • Research is expensive and it is not possible to support a broad infrastructure, therefore research centres should be established in Africa and funding targeted to these rather than being spread thinly over the whole region.
Draft Programme (pdf format, 321 kb)
Registration information
Registration is FREE and on a ‘first come first served basis’. All delegates interested in attending must complete the registration form (see attachment) and email it to Veronica Pienaar.
Contact us
Ms Veronica Pienaar
Tel: +27 21 938 0890
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