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The Mosquito Fraternity by Mawuna Remarque KOUTONIN

July 13, 2013 - 13:21 -- Patrick Sampao

No sane African, with due knowledge of history, should try to eradicate Mosquitoes and Malaria, unless they have a sound alternative to defend the continent.

I came across this article, thought i would share it with Malaria World readers, could be ignorance but then again you never know. Read and be the judge;
They worship Mosquito as a God protector of Africa. They believe the presence of Mosquito and malaria in Africa have prevented Europeans to settle in mass and wiped out native Africans like they did for 100 millions native Americans during the last 5 centuries.

Few in Africa and outside of Africa know about the Mosquito Fraternity, its members, their believes, rituals and actions; though the Fraternity is one of the most ancient, enduring and knowledgeable in Africa.

I was introduced to the Mosquito Fraternity ideas 3 years ago by a complete stranger after I’ve volunteered to promote a huge event in Paris intended to raise fund to fight malaria in Africa. Malaria is the first cause of morbidity in Africa, and globally kills between 600,000 and 1.2 million people  every year.

The Fraternity’s ideas and believes were so fresh, unconventional and profound that I’ve since kept an acute interest on the most secret fraternity in Africa. In this post I’m sharing the main believes of the Fraternity, and some of their basic rituals. Here are they:

Africa is weak, technologically and scientifically, almost defenseless. The Single most Powerful and Natural Army that has protected Africa is its Army of Mosquitoes armed with their potent weapon Malaria.

Africa is a rich continent with almost unlimited natural and mineral resources. Richer than  any other continent. Why didn’t European settled in mass? Because of our God protector Mosquito and its lethal weapon Malaria.

When foreigners hear  the name of our God “Mosquito”, a wave of wet and cold fear travels their mind and body. The Mosquitoes army has protected Africa from the physical occupation of its lands and foreigners settlement and possible genocide of native Africans.

Remember there is no single place on earth where Europeans have settled during the last 5 centuries and brought to the indigenous populations peace, friendship and prosperity. All the contrary, they always first try to exterminate the local population.

Look South Africa history. The small southern part of its land without mosquito has attracted and permitted the settlement of the Boer who slowly crushed with Apartheid the native black population and even tried to eliminate them.

No sane African, with due knowledge of history, should try to eradicate Mosquitoes and Malaria, unless they have a sound alternative to defend the continent.

Yes, Mosquitoes kill thousands of people every year, but they have never hampered the African population growth, despite the 60 millions individuals stolen and murdered by Europeans during slavery time.

Malaria Kills, but mainly kills the fool Africans, those who have been separated from the ancestral knowledge of Mosquito. It’s the so called modernization which has exposed the uprooted to the dark side of the Mosquito force. (I’ve found some scientific data that tend to prove this point of view: “Under conditions of stable malaria, because of the regularly delivered inoculations, a strong protective immunity against overt illness and risk of death from malaria is acquired, usually by the age of 4 or 5 years.”- American Society of Microbiology)

In the end the Fraternity advises Africans not be fooled by the foreigners obsession about Mosquito eradication in Africa. Mosquito eradication today would mean native African people eradication by foreigners. Who will protect us? (Only the Paranoid Survive?)

The Mosquito Fraternity members wear an amulet in honor of God Mosquito. Annual celebration and ceremonies happen between September and October when there is a sudden surge of mosquitoes population. Rituals include 3 hours stand still silent meditation or sleeping in a room full of mosquitoes offering your humble blood in peace and serenity to the holy Mosquito.

It’s considered that offering your flesh and blood to God Mosquito is an act of prayer and thanks.

Mosquito’s wave music is performed and young kids are introduced to the appreciation of the bite of Mosquito for immunization. Members grow Mosquito larva around their house following some coded rituals. The top members share their secret about healing herbs and treatment for malaria, and the 2 days ceremony will end up in joyful sharing of meal, drink and laughter.

Any Protector is also a Killer. Mosquito is no Exception. The Mosquito Fraternity calls Africans who have turned their back to ancestral wisdom to avoid joining any plan to eradicate Mosquitoes.

Like me some years ago, you are now exposed to the main ideas and believes behind the Mosquito Fraternity. What do you think?

I’m (personally) not in hurry to draw any conclusion or judge the believes and practice of the Mosquito Fraternity. I’m certain of one thing, their love for mother Africa is authentic, and that only deserves attention.