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P. vivax: important new data on homologous recurrences

February 7, 2021 - 09:03 -- Miles Markus

Here is something of fundamental malariological interest:

A past suggestion is that both early and late homologous recurrences of Plasmodium vivax malaria can have a non-circulating merozoite origin [1–4].

There is now revealing new (February 2021) evidence which supports this idea. Some post-28-day recurrences that took place during a recent study appeared to be recrudescences rather than relapses [5]. Thus, it seems likely that a combination of the two types of recurrence can occur after 28 days.

What remains to be determined is how many longer-term P. vivax malarial recurrences are relapses (hypnozoite origin) and what proportion are recrudescences (merozoite origin).



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