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Plasmodium vivax comment links

July 20, 2018 - 22:50 -- Miles Markus

The two links below did not come up in the original "Comment" on a paper but should do so in this "Blog" version, which appears in full below. It was speculated in detail for the first time in two recent publications (particularly the second one) that in addition to a hypnozoite origin of relapse-like vivax recurrences, parasites in bone marrow might be a source. (Link to first paper). (Link to second paper).

This probability is supported by the findings of Obaldia et al. (publication listed in the MW Newsletter of 20 July 2018), who have now made the same remark in the concluding sentence of their discussion. For malariologists to take this view that hypnozoites are perhaps not the only non-circulating origin of relapse-like vivax recurrences is at present almost unique. The original suggestion that this might be the situation, published 7 years ago (view "Table 1" in paper via second link above), has hitherto been regarded, at best, with scepticism; and even some antagonism (strangely enough). However, we are currently in the process of entering a new and enlightened phase of plasmodial life cycle research.