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Promoting south-centred collaborations in vector-borne diseases

October 14, 2016 - 07:00 -- Bart G.J. Knols
The below contribution was submitted to MalariaWorld by Dr. Gerry Killeen
Dear Colleagues,
Please find attached a concept note I have just posted on the extranet discussion board for the following UK-BBSRC funding mechanism to support networks in vector-borne disease (VBD) research:
If the idea of such a research networking platform, which is governed, managed and hosted by institutions in the developing countries most afflicted by VBDs appeals to you, please send an E-mail to , to request registration for their extranet networking web site. Once registered please visit the community discussion board to review this idea and any others you like. To access the attachments for each discussion item, click on the “Properties” icon. Then please reply with comments you feel we should take on board as we develop this idea further, and build towards a full expression of interest (EOI) submission. If you’d like to “like” it or add a “note”, that helps too but note that “tag” insertions are visible only to you.

Please bear in mind that we do need your help in the form of documented support on the extranet site quickly-the deadline for EOIs is November 3rd. Please use this extranet system as an open mechanism for demonstrating appetite and enthusiasm in low and middle income countries for being custodians of this scientific discipline, and for getting partners from high income countries like myself in support of your agenda and needs. Please share this request with as many colleagues as you can, especially those based in developing countries and the UK.
Best wishes
Gerry Killeen
Reader, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, United Kingdom
Resident Guest Scientists, Ifakara Health Institute, United Republic of Tanzania


Submitted by Manas Sarkar on

Good initiative Gerry... I support this. Let me know if I can contribute anything in this.


Manas Sarkar, PhD

SRS (DGM) & Head, Advance Technology & Innovation, Godrej-R&D