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Significance of time to clinical recurrence in vivax malaria

October 12, 2018 - 10:55 -- Miles Markus

The amount of time that passes between a symptomatic vivax malarial episode and a subsequent recurrence has in the past often been regarded as an indication as to whether the recurrence is a relapse (hypnozoite origin) or a recrudescence (merozoite origin). It should be noted that in the light of new knowledge and understanding, the time factor is not a valid criterion. (Link to first paper). (Link to second paper).


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In addition to directly providing miscellaneous information relevant to the temporal matter (but one should also read between the lines), the two publications include non-drug-resistance comments in relation to recurrences. It is unlikely that resistance is the only drug factor involved in treatment-compliant patients. Alternative possible causes of drug failure (leaving aside host genetic factors and drug dosage) need to be considered by researchers. For instance, the drug-associated implications of whereabouts in the body parasites occur.