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Updating WHO’s global strategy for malaria

February 11, 2021 - 16:20 -- Malaria World


Representatives from malaria-affected countries and partner organizations gathered on 28 January in a WHO virtual forum to share feedback and perspectives on the Global technical strategy for malaria 2016-2030.  Inputs from a diverse group of stakeholders will be reflected in an updated strategy, which will be published in June 2021.



The 15-year WHO strategy – adopted by the World Health Assembly in May 2015 – is designed to guide and support all countries working to control and eliminate malaria. It sets 4 global targets for 2030, as well as interim milestones to track progress (See table below). 

As reported in the most recent edition of the World malaria report, progress towards 2 of the strategy’s 2020 milestones is off course: reducing global mortality rates and case incidence by at least 40%. The 2 other milestones focused on country-level elimination and prevention of re-establishment of malaria will likely be reached.

Despite the remarkable gains seen in driving down malaria cases and deaths over the last 2 decades, progress in recent years has levelled off, and many high burden countries are losing ground. The emergence of the COVID-pandemic in 2020 has posed a serious additional challenge to malaria responses worldwide. Urgent and concerted action is needed to change the global trajectory of the disease.

Addressing participants in the webinar, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of WHO, noted that while meeting the strategy’s 2030 targets would be a challenge, malaria-endemic countries and partners must remain firm in their commitment to achieving them.

“None of these challenges are simple, but none are insurmountable,” said Dr Tedros. “Together, we have already overcome many difficulties in the fight against malaria. And together, we can rise to the challenges we face now, and realize our shared vision of a malaria-free world.”...

Goals, milestones and targets for the Global technical strategy for malaria 2016-2030

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