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Vivax and Non-vivax Malaria: Elimination-related Research Agenda Items

September 3, 2016 - 22:59 -- Miles Markus

The presumed hypnozoite reservoir is perceived to be a threat to the goal of eradicating human malaria. However, the same now applies to putative non-hypnozoite tissue stages as well, notably quiescent merozoites. Persistence of extra-vascular tissue merozoites in vivax malaria has on genetic grounds been suspected since 2011. So far, they have been parasitologically demonstrated in rodent malarial infections. There is no particular reason why they should not also occur in primate malaria of various kinds. Their reactivation would obviously result in the development of gametocytes and, potentially, subsequent transmission of malaria by mosquitoes. Link to discussion on the subject This fundamentally important question concerning a non-hypnozoite tissue parasite reservoir is unavoidably here to stay. Therefore, the matter needs to be investigated in order to clarify the situation (one way or the other). Specific associated suggestions, appropriate for the Malaria Elimination Research Agenda, have accordingly been made. Details are available here