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What will be the new strategy for Africa when....?

January 28, 2013 - 19:35 -- William Jobin

Resistance to drugs and biocides happens when we try to control malaria. It is a historical pattern we have seen repeatedly. And we know that ACT is about the only way to treat malaria now in Africa, especially since resistance to chloroquine has been widespread for years.

And we are also seeing that the use of permethrin for spraying houses - the same biocide used to treat bednets - is beginning to cause resistance in mosquitoes in Africa too.

And that history has shown us that the resistance to both chemicals will spread fast in Africa due to their widespread use by the US PMI and under the RBM programs.

So when both the drug and the biocide become useless, in a couple of years, what will the strategy be for Africa?

Or is anyone in Geneva or Washington DC thinking that far ahead?