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Where was malaria control attempted between 1904 - 1922?

July 13, 2018 - 11:39 -- Anton Alexander

Apart from at the Panama Canal, does anyone know where malaria control was attempted before 1922?


Submitted by Robin Stephens on

Taiwan is an interesting case, but later. and The Romans were on it: "The association with stagnant waters (breeding grounds for Anopheles) led the Romans to begin drainage programs, the first intervention against malaria. It is said that Emperor Nero drained the swamps near ancient Rome, in order to rid the city of malaria. By the Middle Ages, Kings and feudal lords feared marshes as breeding grounds of plagues and incurable fevers and a royal decree was passed in 11th century Valencia, sentencing any farmer to death who planted rice too close to villages and towns. In Britain, the ‘Roman technology’ of draining swamps protected some areas from malaria during this time. Italian physician Lancisi in 1717 had suggested a possible role for mosquitoes in transmission of malaria and proposed the draining of marshes to eradicate malaria."-