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Why does vivax malaria recur?

January 24, 2019 - 23:14 -- Miles Markus

An article on vivax malarial recurrences was highlighted in the "Global Malaria News" section of last week's MalariaWorld Newsletter. Below (in the next paragraph) is a relevant explanation concerning the article (

Some words (in blue) in the article are links to, mainly, a dozen or so journal publications. It should be noted that collectively, those publications represent a complete bibliography on pertinent, novel aspects of the subject. They mostly deal in detail, in one way or another, with the emerging (but not yet fully emerged ... watch this space) revised recurrence concept. These papers are the original ones and the only ones in existence at present which actually discuss the new recurrence concept. Thus, there is no other source of information hereon.


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Further to this blog, it is likely that authors will soon begin to regularly mention the new recurrence concept, repeating varying amounts of already discussed information at the same time. But the original concept analysis detail is available now, scattered in the 2011–2018 bibliography (see blog posting above).

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The blog that appears above is unavoidably very relevant if you are in the process of writing a PhD thesis that has anything to do with vivax malarial recurrences.

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In response to e-mails that I have received: "Yes", in these 2011–2018 publications (see blog above and subsequent comments), splenic plasmodial stages were covered in relation to the origin of recurrences of Plasmodium vivax malaria. This was discussed in more detail in some of the papers than in others.

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Considerable support was received at the 7th International Conference on Plasmodium vivax Research (Paris, 26–28 June 2019) for the idea of parasite accumulation (and reproduction) outside the peripheral blood circulation; and, therefore, for this non-hypnozoite recurrence concept.