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WHY WAS PALESTINE 'THE MOST PEACEFUL COUNTRY OF ANY IN THE MIDDLE EAST' 90 YEARS AGO? Probably because everyone there was so busy getting rid of malaria.

October 3, 2015 - 10:27 -- Anton Alexander

In view of the tragedy, the barbarity and shocking loss of life in Syria, I felt this may be a timely reminder about how malaria elimination was, and could still be, a huge inspiration to all mankind and an aid towards a calmer and more peaceful world.

Palestine 100 years ago was saturated in malaria. Over 100 years ago, Palestine was as tribal and had been as fractious as Syria is now, and yet by 1925, the League of Nations had declared Palestine to be 'the most peaceful country of any in the Middle East'. Due to the malaria-elimination education of the whole population 90 years ago, the commitment to co-operation of the whole population with the malaria elimination campaign to rid itself of the disease (which campaign had begun in 1922) became very strong.

The League of Nations actually went to Palestine in 1925 to examine the malaria elimination, and concluded its Report by commenting the methods and works seen by it 'destroyed pessimism, raised hopes', and that the people involved were 'benefactors not only to the Palestinian population but to the world as a whole'.

Sometimes this 'education' lesson now appears to be ignored or dismissed by governments and by many malaria professionals who prefer instead to consider only research for that illusive 'magic bullet', but I think you will all agree the illustration/map below dramatically displays the result of an 'old' successful method of malaria elimination which worked. And it should have relevance today everywhere in the world.

So why was Palestine 'the most peaceful country of any in the Middle East' 90 years ago?
Probably because everyone there was so busy getting rid of malaria.
See Cooperation .

And now see the result of such cooperation:


Hello Anton,
You probably remember me. I helped you when you came to Israel 4 Years ago. I have now a hebrew website of my own,, and i wrote there today about the famous Al-Fula incident.