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World Malaria Day - Special Collection available from Cochrane Library

April 25, 2014 - 09:58 -- Dee Walshe

It is World Malaria Day today (Friday 25 April), and to help raise awareness there are two new Special Collections available from The Cochrane Library - one for malaria diagnosis and treatment, and one for prevention and control.


William Jobin's picture
Submitted by William Jobin on

Hi Dee Walshe,

Thank you for the note on the Cochrane summaries posted in observance of World Malaria Day last April. I am flattered that you included the cover foto from my Monograph "Improving the US Presidential Malaria Initiative" published in 2012 by Boston Harbor Publishers and available through If you peruse the monograph you will note the environmental methods not covered in the Cochrane Review.

They include:
.....the simple ditching and drainage of swampy breeding sites illustrated in the cover foto from my monograph
.....salinity and fluctuation management in coastal wetlands
.....improved water management in irrigation and drainage systems action in maintaining urban street drains
.....inclusion of faith-based groups to promote health education and community action
....flushing of stream habitats of mosquitoes in Malaysia and in Caribbean Islands
.....permanent elimination of breeding sites by drainage and filling
.........lowering of water tables by improved subsurface drainage
.......and improved housing including metallic screens, tighter ceilings and roofs, and blockage of eaves to prevent mosquito entry
......improved air circulation at night in sleeping areas, for human comfort and to dis-orient the mosquitoes.

In fact, the majority of so-called preventive measures in the Cochrane Review you list are based on various uses of drugs. What do you do when the drugs become useless because of resistance?


William Jobin Director of Blue Nile Associates