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xRapid#Malaria wins Pistoia Alliance Challenge

April 22, 2016 - 14:01 -- Jean Viry-Babel

On April 19th, xRapid won the Audience Choice Award at the Pistoia Alliance Mini Startup Challenge.

“We are pleased that the members of the Pistoia Alliance were able to see the potential of the xRapid Automated Diagnostic App. This event has been a great platform to showcase our innovative technology in front of the pharmaceutical industry.” – Jean Viry-Babel, xRapid CEO

“Supporting start-up companies is a crucial component of the Pistoia Alliance’s future strategy. Start-ups are one of the best sources for innovation, and I am delighted to say our finalists this year did not disappoint. We have had an incredible range of companies enter, with new techniques in medicine, research, public health and agriculture all competing.” – Steve Arlington, Pistoia Alliance President