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ZzappMalaria selected as finalist for $5M IBM XPRIZE “AI for Good” Competition

February 23, 2021 - 17:13 -- Malaria World


A smart app for cost-effective planning, executing, and monitoring of large-scale operations

An Israeli startup that developed smart malaria elimination software has been named one of the three finalists of the AI XPRIZE competition, sponsored by IBM Watson, for 2021. The competition challenges entrants to present projects that harness artificial intelligence (AI) to address societal and global challenges.

ZzappMalaria’s system uses an algorithm that processes satellite imagery and climate and topography data to define where to scan and when to spray. The app then helps field teams achieve perfect coverage of breeding sites. It allocates areas to search, tracks progress in the field, and enables fieldworkers to pinpoint the location of water bodies they detect. 

Data is uploaded to a designated dashboard. The app also collects information from light traps to monitor mosquito population reduction and flag undertreated areas. Furthermore, the app integrates an IRS tool, automatically identifying residences from satellite images, recommending the key houses for spraying.

Zzapp’s system has been tested in the field and is now being used in Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Zanzibar. The system has significantly increased the cost-effectiveness of operations ensuring full coverage for $0.5 per person protected.

Zzapp is now initiating a full-scale elimination campaign on an island and is open to collaboration with NMCPs and research institutes.

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