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P. falciparum DHFR Enzyme Inhibition

Open Access | Cell and Molecular Biology: Shape- and Chemical Feature-Based 3D-Pharmacophore Model Generation and Virtual Screening: Identification of Potential Leads for P. falciparum DHFR Enzyme Inhibition

December 17, 2009 - 13:08 -- Patrick Sampao
Legesse Adane, Dhilon. S. Patel and Prasad V. Bharatam
Chemical Biology & Drug Design, Volume 75 Issue 1, Pages 115 - 126

The hits reported in this article showed good potential to be inhibitors of the above Pf DHFRs based on their (i) best-fit values (ii) binding scores (iii) binding modes and (iv) interactions with the key amino acid residues (Asp54, Ileu/Leu164, Asn/Ser108 and Ile14).

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