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Plasmodium falciparum Histidine-Rich Protein 2 and 3 Gene Deletions and Their Implications in Malaria Control

May 25, 2020 - 07:54 -- Open Access
Nyataya J, Waitumbi J, Mobegi VA, Noreddin A, El Zowalaty ME
Diseases. 2020 May 20; 8(2):E15

Malaria remains the biggest threat to public health, especially among pregnant women and young children in sub-Saharan Africa. Prompt and accurate diagnosis is critical for effective case management and detection of drug resistance. Conventionally, microscopy and rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) are the tools of choice for malaria diagnosis. RDTs are simple to use and have been extensively used in the diagnosis of malaria among travelers to malaria-endemic regions, routine case management, and surveillance studies.

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