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preventive measures

Rural-urban dimensions of the perception of malaria severity and practice of malaria preventive measures: insight from the 2018 Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey

September 25, 2021 - 11:43 -- Open Access
Duodu PA, Dzomeku VM, Emerole CO, Agbadi P, Arthur-Holmes F, Nutor JJ
J Biosoc Sci. 2021 Sep 17:1-18

Morbidities and mortalities caused by malaria are still a serious issue in Nigeria, with the country accounting for 25% of malaria morbidities and 24% of malaria mortalities globally in 2018. Treated bed nets reduce the incidence of malaria, but not all Nigerians use them. This study aimed to examine the factors associated with treated bed net usage, including perceived severity of malaria, and the rural-urban differences in the relationship between socio-demographic factors and use of treated bed nets in Nigeria. The analytic sample size comprised 40,693 women aged 15-49 years.

Evaluation of malaria preventive measures among adult patients attending the Bamendjou and Foumbot district hospitals of the West Region of Cameroon

January 27, 2021 - 15:44 -- Open Access
Nfor Omarine Nlinwe, Yengong Clinton Singong and Tenkam Makamdoum Ruth Florentine
Malaria Journal 2021 20:60, 22 January 2021

Although a significant decrease in entomological and epidemiological indicators was reported in Cameroon since the introduction of insecticide-treated bed nets, malaria prevalence remains high also in some parts of the West Region of Cameroon. This study was designed to evaluate malaria preventive measures among patients attending the Bamendjou and Foumbot District hospitals of the West Region of Cameroon.

Utilization of key preventive measures for pregnancy complications and malaria among women in Jimma Zone, Ethiopia

November 8, 2019 - 16:57 -- Open Access
Mariame Ouedraogo, Jaameeta Kurji, Lakew Abebe, Ronald Labonté, Sudhakar Morankar, Kunuz Haji Bedru, Gebeyehu Bulcha, Muluemebet Abera, Beth K. Potter, Marie-Hélène Roy-Gagnon & Manisha A. Kulkarni
BMC Public Health volume 19, Article number: 1443 (2019)

In Ethiopia, malaria infections and other complications during pregnancy contribute to the high burden of maternal morbidity and mortality. Preventive measures are available, however little is known about the factors influencing the uptake of maternal health services and interventions by pregnant women in Ethiopia.

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