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mitochondrial protein

A Prioritized and Validated Resource of Mitochondrial Proteins in Plasmodium Identifies Unique Biology

September 14, 2021 - 09:32 -- Open Access
van Esveld SL, Meerstein-Kessel L, Huynen MA, et al.
mSphere. 2021 Sep 8:e0061421

Plasmodium species have a single mitochondrion that is essential for their survival and has been successfully targeted by antimalarial drugs. Most mitochondrial proteins are imported into this organelle, and our picture of the Plasmodium mitochondrial proteome remains incomplete. Many data sources contain information about mitochondrial localization, including proteome and gene expression profiles, orthology to mitochondrial proteins from other species, coevolutionary relationships, and amino acid sequences, each with different coverage and reliability.

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