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elevated corticosterone

NOT Open Access | Stress in paradise: effects of elevated corticosterone on immunity and avian malaria resilience in a Hawaiian passerine

September 30, 2021 - 11:11 -- NOT Open Access
Names GR, Schultz EM, Krause JS, Hahn TP, Wingfield JC, Heal M, Cornelius JM, Klasing KC, Hunt KE
J Exp Biol. 2021 Sep 23:jeb.242951

Vertebrates confronted with challenging environments often experience an increase in circulating glucocorticoids, which result in morphological, physiological, and behavioral changes that promote survival. However, chronically elevated glucocorticoids can suppress immunity, which may increase susceptibility to disease. Since the introduction of avian malaria to Hawaii a century ago, low elevation populations of Hawaii Amakihi (Chlorodrepanis virens) have undergone strong selection by avian malaria and evolved increased resilience (the ability to recover from infection), while populations at high elevation with few vectors have not undergone selection and remain susceptible.

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