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plasma arginase

Metabolomic Analysis of Diverse Mice Reveals Hepatic Arginase-1 as Source of Plasma Arginase in Plasmodium chabaudi Infection

October 16, 2021 - 13:13 -- Open Access
Davis NM, Lissner MM, Richards CL, Chevée V, Gupta AS, Gherardini FC, Schneider DS
mBio. 2021 Oct 5:e0242421

Infections disrupt host metabolism, but the factors that dictate the nature and magnitude of metabolic change are incompletely characterized. To determine how host metabolism changes in relation to disease severity in murine malaria, we performed plasma metabolomics on eight Plasmodium chabaudi-infected mouse strains with diverse disease phenotypes. We identified plasma metabolic biomarkers for both the nature and severity of different malarial pathologies. A subset of metabolic changes, including plasma arginine depletion, match the plasma metabolomes of human malaria patients, suggesting new connections between pathology and metabolism in human malaria.

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