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MIM2018: Become a member of the MIM society!

April 15, 2018 - 13:32 -- MIM 2018

Dear MIM Conference Attendees,

As your travel this weekend to Dakar, Senegal remember to come prepared to be a member of the MIM Society.  It is promising to be a wonderful opportunity for young and old seasoned and burgeoning researchers to take advantage of the benefits of membership.


1. Incubator for young entrepreneurial malarialogists`
a. Organisation of workshops for project and grants management
b. Access to expertise and advise

2. Data base of potential collaborators
a. Platforms for technology transfer
b.Think-tank of Professors and Researchers               

3. Professional development
a. Counselling  and Mentorship
b. Research Funding and Events Opportunities
c. Job opportunities

4. Creating the enabling research environment
a. Equal opportunity access to standardised and Innovation procedures
b. Continuous training linked to credit points and Certificate programs


Benefits for Control Efforts Include:

  1. Identification and planning of gaps in research/control
  2. Dissemination of relevant information for research and control.
  3. Facilitation of the creation of networks of PPP
  4. Advocacy for Health System Strengthening and service delivery.
  5. Raise funds for research and control/ Funding for malaria research
  6. Enhance skills and technology transfer and sharing of best practices between communities and countries.
  7. Brokerage between stake holders - funder and policy makers
  8. Consensus studies to inform policy
  9. Special High level advocacy - Government/RBM/GMP
  10. Virtual communities of practice to translate research findings

Look out for the booth at Registration.  Membership fee is within reach of every one - Please fill out the one page form and register.

Membership due are as follows:
Nurses, Graduate Students (MSc/PhD) & Post-Docs
Registration – $10
Annual Dues (2019-2022)  $10 x 4y = 40 USD

Managers, Physicians, Decision Makers, Researchers & University Lecturers
Registration – $25
Annual Dues (2019-2022)  $25 x 4y = 100 USD

We look forward to seeing you on  Sunday and Safe travels

Pr. Rose Leke     Pr.  Jean Pierre Van Geertruyden   Pr.  Peter De Vries    Pr.  Mbacham Wilfred,    Dr.  Abanda Ngu Njei

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Submitted by Kehinde AJAYI on

I'm a student and i have filled the registration form at the conference venue, what next?

Ajayi yemi