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the root of the issue

February 27, 2011 - 14:29 -- malcolm doherty

for over fifteen years i have studied Malaria and the pest that carries it.
for me the route of intent is as follows.
kill the pest in numbers that are significant enough to make a difference.
this is best done when the pest is in the need to bite stage, this is the time when danger is there for all of us.
i have worked on designing an attractant that is more inviting to the mosquito than you and me. there it is fooled into close range and flies through a poison that renders it confused and doomed, the bite that was intended will never happen and the insect will die.
after fifteen years we are ready for market and affordable to the smallest of pockets where it is needed most.
sustainable, economical and most of all effective.


Bart G.J. Knols's picture
Submitted by Bart G.J. Knols on

Dear Malcolm,

Thanks for leaving comments on MalariaWorld - if your invention is worthy of reaching the market, then why don't you proceed with it? What is the nature of the attractant you developed and the way in which you kill mosquitoes that get attracted to it?